Our Eddie knows as much about social media as I do — which is next to nothing.

Seeing as I’m proper retired now I’m not interested in job offers.

I’m happy just seeing if there is any funny cat videos or any local gossip.

I don’t bother with the Facebook but I’ve got a Twitter thing and despite my general ignorance of it, I can get riled now and then if I see someone being vile.

So, Our Eddie tells me to look at the 16 tweets by the MP Bob Seely the other day.

Now, I’ve just said to Our Eddie that I’m not writing letters about politics, I’d rather make folk smile.

But honestly, did you read that rambling nonsense from the MP?

My first thought, and Our Eddie will testify, was of a rat jumping from a sinking ship.

I held off from writing anything immediately as I wanted to see how Seely voted. And he abstained! All hot air, just like his boss.

Boris is as useful as a chocolate teapot in regards to what folk will or won’t do about Covid.

Do Boris and Bob really expect folk to make any sense of what is right or wrong?

Bob’s more interested in money (no surprise there) and he’s is as trustworthy as the lot of them in Number 10, after his ‘half a sausage’ excuse.

You know what, I don’t give two sausages if there was a Christmas party or not, they obviously felt the need to lie about something.

When the Prime Minister is a barefaced and proven liar, it demonstrates that everyone else can be as flippant with the truth too.

It makes sense to me to wear a mask if there’s lots of people indoors, it makes sense to get vaccinated and it makes sense to wash your hands.

It doesn’t take some over-bloated toff to tell you that now, does it?

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