We learn that Simon Case, the man recently appointed by Boris Johnson as cabinet secretary, was also appointed to investigate alleged lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street, and was happy to oblige until claims emerged that he himself had held a drinks party in his offices for reportedly up to 20 colleagues on December 17 during lockdown, forcing him to step down.

Cue government minister, Tom Pursgrove, who, in mitigation on Any Questions recently, spun the line, some of ‘the rules’ at the time were ‘silly’.

Tell that to those who followed, ‘the rules’, that were laid out in legislation and which attracted a £10,000 fine if broken, along with the many, many members of the public who never got to say goodbye to loved ones because they rigorously followed ‘the rules’.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly insisted no rules were broken, by either him or his staff.

He just needs to find someone suitably indebted to him to collaborate this view.

This government is led by a Prime Minister who simply struggles with the truth, and a political party under his leadership that has lost all sense of what is right, and what is wrong.

It isn’t simply that our government is laughing at the people, it’s the damage being inflicted on the world stage when other countries see our government devoid of any trustworthy credibility, along with an electorate that is too feeble to see what’s staring it in the face, and lacks the resolve to rid itself of these slippery tongued political imposters during successive general elections.

Rule Britannia? More like Rue Britannia.

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