Iain McKie (CP, 10-12-21) claims that scores of desperate migrants are drowning in the English Channel, and we should do more to prevent it.

In truth, the numbers are nowhere near “scores”. Furthermore, most who attempt the crossing — and we’re talking thousands here — make it across successfully.

Another claim is that the British are trying to make the passage so difficult that it would deter migrants from risking their lives — without explaining exactly how.

The reality is that we actively make it so easy for migrants who enter British waters: we pick them up, provide safe passage to our shores, and house them in safe, secure accommodation.

He states that it doesn't matter if these people are not genuine asylum seekers.

As a basic principle, we should not be welcoming economic migrants no matter how perilous their journey.

Regarding the risks, consider smart motorways as an analogy.

We know they’re not inherently safe and yet we carry on using them. It’s a risk we accept.

Similarly, those undertaking the Channel crossing are well aware of the risks — and accept them. They are not forced to do so.

His assertion that we are sitting by and letting it happen with a complete lack of compassion is patent nonsense.

We safely escort these people to our shores, while continually urging the French to do more to stop the crossings.

They were recently provided with an extra £54 million of help.

The suggestion that all those who fail asylum tests should be returned to their country of origin is fine in theory, but what does he suggest for those who destroy all identifying documents such as passports? Answer: nothing.

The alternative to create a safe and secure establishment on land in France to process asylum claims is not as simple as he thinks, especially as the French would rather all refugees decamped to the UK.

My view is that France itself can be considered a safe and secure establishment where genuine asylum seekers can register their claim.

It’s not believable that those choosing to undertake the dangerous Channel crossing in a flimsy boat are fleeing danger.

It’s hard not to reach the conclusion that Iain McKie is one who thinks we should accept any, and all, who attempt to enter the UK illegally.

I, along with millions of others, think otherwise.

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