Over Christmas I binged out and watched the Netflix series Narcos, Narcos Mexico and El Chapo, which told the story of the drug lords and narcotics trade in Colombia and Mexico.

The Americans didn’t really wake up to the problem until it became a serious issue.

As they began to tackle and close down the trafficking routes, the cartels moved to shipping their product to other countries and continents.

What was staggering was the level of corruption within government and police forces.

They say if you sample Thames water you’ll now find traces of cocaine, and that the drug trade in the UK is fuelling knife crime.

Indeed such is the problem that some inner city schools now have guardians at the school gates to protect children that might be vulnerable.

At the moment our diminutive Home Secretary, Priti Patel, who likes to talk big and tough on numerous issues, but lacks the punch when it comes to solving any of them, is hyping her headline grabbing knife crime bill, which many experts say simply isn’t needed because sufficient laws already exist to deal with the issue.

We also currently have a head of the Metropolitan Police, Cressida Dick, who seems remarkably reluctant to investigate issues of public concern if they involve the powerful and influential. I wonder why?

It’s easy to go after the little people, youngsters who are recruited as street dealers and are stabbing each other in turf wars.

But if you genuinely want to tackle the problem, you need to cut off the supply of drugs and go after those who are enabling, and protecting, the individuals at the top of the chain.

Don’t tell me the authorities don’t know who these people are, or how large quantities of narcotics are entering the UK.

Of course they know, they simply lack the willpower to go after them and close down their operation, which poses the question, why?

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