In response to Dan Bloomer’s letter (CP, 21-01-21), we completely agree with his observations that Boris’s character was well documented.

No-one could have been in any doubt about the sort of character the country chose to elect.

Therefore, there can be no denying that there are many Brits who do ‘secretly admire and would love to be like Boris’, although we feel sorry for them.

However, we feel that the assumption that ‘most Brits’ share this view is completely wrong.

Even many true Conservative voters do not share that view, let alone the rest of the population.

It would appear that a majority of senior members of the Conservative Party took the cynical view that Boris, regardless of his character, was the most electable, and they were right.

We would like to speak for ordinary, law-abiding citizens who did the right thing.

We are not at all surprised about Boris’s shenanigans; we did not approve of him then and nothing has happened to change that view.

We would also like to point out that, due to our unfair voting system, the majority of the voters at the last election did not vote Conservative, despite their landslide electoral victory.

There are many in this country who will continue to feel disenfranchised until the system is updated.

The same is true of the 2016 American election which brought Donald Trump to office — the majority did not vote for him.

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