SO HERE we are. After decades doing little to address the inevitable fuel crisis by MPs of all parties, the time has arrived for us to foot the bill.

They knew the day would finally arrive when fuel would be in short supply and what there was would cost more. 

A £200 loan and money from local authorities to help people out is an insult. 

By now, at least two more power plants should have been built. 
Other sources of power should have been investigated and encouraged. Even through legislation.

But no. Over the years politicians in parliament have put their own interests first, with the good of the UK and its people dumped at the bottom of their pile.

Also slowing progress was the bloody-minded, irresponsible action of the do-gooders, greens, save the earth idiots and nowhere near me brigade.

No fracking here please. We don’t want your unsightly wind farms spoiling the view either and leave our seas alone. So thanks you lot.
What will happen if Russia decides to turn the gas tap off?

After watching the clowns and the blustering liar of a Prime Minister trying to defend the antics at No 10 during lockdown, it is obvious they don’t care about us common people.

So, I’ve got it. Get rid of parliament and the non-elected House of Lords in favour of a republic. We want leaders, not politicians who indulge in smear and cover-ups.

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