I would like to place on the record, with the only local media outlet that has properly covered the story, my thanks to the IW Council Conservative Group for their immediate understanding that the posting by the leader of racially offensive images on her social media is entirely unacceptable in 21st Century Britain. 
In particular my thanks to their group leader, Cllr Joe Robertson, who has attempted to hold the council leader to account, supported by every one of his 17 colleagues, and who has joined my calls for her resignation.
I am not one for applauding Conservatives in my years on the IW Council, but it is reassuring that a generally right-leaning political party knows what is wrong when it comes to racism. 
However, setting aside for now LibDem Cllr Andrew Garratt, the silence of the local Labour Party and the local Green Party has been deafening and frankly astonishing. 
Indeed the two Green councillors that are members of the leader’s Alliance group have been similarly quiet. 
Perhaps the CP could enquire as to the reason for all this local silence from the usually anti-racist left?
Finally I am also surprised at the silence of the main staff union at County Hall, Unison. 
A union that, when I was a member, had a strong track record of anti-racism and with a current leading activist who not so long ago was honoured by the Queen for her work on equality and diversity. 
What sort of message does this silence send to black and minority ethnic staff working for the council?