100 years ago

June 22, 1918

THE fruit crop was scarce and disappointing due to the bad growing conditions of the year.

Late frosts and abnormal attacks of insect pests meant the pears and apples produced were very poor while plums were a complete failure.

Islanders were also made aware that 'blight' — a potato disease — had ruined the potato crops.

75 years ago

June 19, 1943

The people of Cowes were praised after the town achieved their formidable Wings for Victory target of £100,000.

A dance at Northwood House, a fete in Northwood park, a model display of Victory, a stamp sale and many school events contributed to the grand total.

The £100,000 was used to pay for five Mosquito aircraft.

50 years ago

June 15, 1968

The 43-foot, eight-ton 'Noah's Ark' — a boat entirely rebuilt by a Newport lorry driver in his spare time — was successfully launched at the River Medina.

Mr Peter Cheek devoted more than 3000 'leisure' hours to the ambitious project which resulted in a luxury boat for the price of a small secondhand car.

He originally salvaged the derelict hull from Bembridge Harbour.

25 years ago

June 18, 1993

Tory MP for Gosport, Mr Peter Viggers, was pulled from the Solent during the Round the Island Race.

Mr Viggers was thrown into rough seas off the Needles when the wire rail snapped on the boat.

He had been in the water for 14 minutes before being hauled to safety aboard the Sigma 38 yacht, Beetle.

He said: "I have no doubt that I owe my life to the crew — I think I would have drowned within a minute."

10 years ago

June 20, 2008

An Island wanna-be photographer secured his life dream — a double-spread in Vogue magazine.

Oscar May's ethereal picture, which featured Medina High School student Bridie Riley, beat out the other competitors at the London College of Fashion.

He said: "I am shocked to have won."