100 years ago

June 29, 1918

A SERGEANT based in Holland wrote into the County Press and commented how much he enjoyed receiving the paper each week.

Sergt. W. Shepard, of Newport, said: "For three years and five months in Germany under the most miserable surroundings, your paper made it seem like old times again.

"My wife manages to send me a copy every week. It's great to known the same old clubs are carrying on at home."

75 years ago

June 26, 1943

Five lucky babies were presented with saving certificates from the District Council.

They were each born in East Cowes during the Wings for Victory Week.

At a town presentation, each baby was brought up to the front and presented certificates by Mr and Mrs Petty of the savings group.

50 years ago

June 22, 1968

Waverley Caravan Park, East Cowes, lost the battle against four holidaymakers who refused to stay at the site.

They said the site had unsatisfactory conditions but the owner dismissed these and took the holidaymakers to court over the argued costs.

The judge ruled that the state of the caravans was unacceptable and the four holidaymakers were not forced to pay.

25 years ago

June 25, 1993

Crude religious slogans, dog excrement and cow slurry were daubed on the walls of the Newport centre of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The vandalism to the Kingdom Hall in Petticoat Lane, Newport, cost £250.

Chairman of the Kingdom Hall, Mr John Winter, said: "It is sad we live in a society where these things happen."

10 years ago

June 27, 2008

The Island is pioneering a new treatment for painful varicose veins which dramatically cut recovery times.

St Mary's Hospital began a new procedure that used a fine catheter and allowed patients to, quite literally, walk off the operating table.

"The biggest advantage is patients are avoiding a general anaesthetic and recovery time seems to be a lot quicker," said vascular surgeon, Stephen Baxter.