100 years ago

July 6, 1918

Two Bembridge residents had a narrow escape out on the water.

Mr Ernest Occomore and his friend were proceeding out of the harbour in a motor-launch when a sea plane collided with the launch.

They were both thrown into the water and gained nasty cuts, but avoided serious injury.

75 years ago

July 3, 1943

Ryde and Bembridge broke the Island record for amount of money raised in the Wings for Victory week.

No national effort since the outbreak of the war evoked or maintained such a high pitch of enthusiasm, and the towns raised £144,502 for the war effort.

They had only targeted £75,000, but the committees worked tirelessly on fetes, town events and selling War Savings Certificates.

50 years ago

June 29, 1968

Mr. J. H. Wyatt — principal of Jacks Beauty Shop, Ryde, was appointed as president of Intercoiffure, an influential organisation in the hairdressing industry.

It was the first time the appointment was made to a provincial member.

Mr. Wyatt was awarded this presidential role by the past president, Mr. Frederick French of French of London.

25 years ago

July 2, 1993

The Island's ambulance control staff were told to accept pay cuts of up to £5,000 a year or be sacked.

The shock ultimatum came from the IW Community Healthcare Trust to the ten workers in a bid to make savings in the unit of £65,000.

One ambulance worker said that all community healthcare staff had been warned they faced instant dismissal if they talked to the press.

10 years ago

July 4, 2008

A horrified Island couple's dream Italian holiday turned into a nightmare when they found themselves at the centre of a late-night fatal shooting incident.

Bob and Carol Castle were caught up in one of Italy's biggest news stories on their two week holiday to idyllic Tuscany.

The couple woke up to the ground of the villa swarming with police, news reporters and photographers. Someone had broken into the house, disturbed the family and been shot.