100 years ago

July 13, 1918

TWO boys, Fred Lobb, 17, and Reginald Blake, 16, were charged with stealing two tame rabbits from an East Cowes back garden.

Mrs Wilkinson, the victim, said she had been keeping a number of rabbits, each worth about ten shillings.

When charged, Lobb said: "I was going to keep it for breeding. I took it home under my jacket so my mother didn't see it."

75 years ago

July 10, 1943

Private Roy Green, originally of Carisbrooke, had often expressed disappointment in his letters home that he had not come across other Islanders while serving with the 51st division in Tunisia.

He was rewarded by meeting two Islanders — his brother and step-brother — and they spent two days together in North Africa.

According to a letter, he first heard that the ship which his brother was serving on was in a port 50 miles away, so he travelled, found him and had a great time on board.

50 years ago

July 6, 1968

The Vectis Shipping Company, of Newport, came to the rescue and delivered Islanders their papers when no British Rail trains or ferries were running.

When it became apparent that the national railway work would mean the cancellation of services, the shipping company arranged with newsagents to collect all Island papers at Portsmouth and convey them to Cowes in their 65-ton barge.

The papers arrived with ease in Cowes at 6am — an hour earlier than the usual arrival time.

25 years ago

July 9, 1993

A young Russian orphan who arrived on the Island unable to speak a word of English passed the tough Trinity College, London speech exam with flying colours just a year later.

Irina Mitina, ten, gained 88 points and came fourth out of her 71 fellow pupils who took the two-part exam intended for English speakers.

The teachers at Bembridge spoke of their pride that was tinged with sadness as Irina travelled back to Russia.

10 years ago

July 11, 2008

The height of the wind turbines now planned for environmentally sensitive Cheverton Down are more than double the size of those already approved.

At 125 metres tall they would have been 30 metres higher than Big Ben and only 45 metres smaller than the Spinnaker Tower.

The new height was revealed by renewable energy company, Cornwall Light and Power, who planned to make a joint application with Vestas.

Pic story: Ten years ago. Havenstreet Station was transported back in time to when it was part of a thriving railway network playing its part in the war effort.