100 years ago

July 20, 1918

A DISTINGUISHED Islander, Sir Fredrick W. Black, who had been in America attached to the British War Mission, reported back to the County Press.

He had been delivering addresses and speeches to emphasise the part the allied navies played in the war effort.

Sir Black became quite famous for his public speaking and was described as a "blossoming" war correspondent.

75 years ago

July 17, 1943

Eight occupants of a taxi had a miraculous escape  after the vehicle mounted the bank and did a double somersault.

The incident occurred near the entrance of Osborne House when the steering became locked.

Although the car was badly damaged, all passengers escaped with minor injuries.

50 years ago

July 13, 1968

A thunderstorm of tropical intensity led to flooding and damage of many towns and villages.

The heaviest rain fell in West Wight, where Captain F. Barnett of Totland Bay reported 2.27 inches during the night.

The main road between Yarmouth and Newport was unusable.

25 years ago

July 16, 1993

A massive £25 million scheme to transform Newport Harbour into a major tourist and leisure attraction, by extensively redeveloping the eastern bank and building a water-retaining lock, was unveiled.

The ambitious scheme was put to Medina councillors by Ashmead Management Ltd.

It planned a large business class hotel, a maritime museum, restaurants and bars, sports facilities and more pedestrian walkways.

10 years ago

July 18, 2008

The predicted £50 million drop in tourism looked set to become reality as a poor Easter had been followed by a dire early season.

The County Press reported there had been a fall in ferry traffic and businesses were hoping for a late heatwave to help out.

Chairman of the tourism sector of the Chamber of Commerce said a reduction in tourists of eight percent was to be expected.