100 years ago

September 7, 1918

HARVEST workers from the Island asked for more beer, claiming it was only fair they receive the same as workers in the allied countries. They argued the increase from the French government to French breweries should be replicated here as well.

The government said as long as the country was in danger of running short of food, it was clearly impossible to listen to appeals for more beer.

75 years ago

September 4, 1943

School children from Oakfield spent their summer holidays collecting half-pennies for the Merchant Navy Comforts Service.

The total of 4,136 half-pennies were given by Mr S. Hogg, local representative for Lupino Lane’s Ship Ha’penny Fund for the Merchant Navy.

Besides the school’s effort, £7 and 15 shillings was raised locally for the fund.

50 years ago

August 31, 1968

Seven prisoners barricaded themselves in their cells at Parkhurst Prison.

When the prisoners refused to obey the instructions of the governor to remove the barricade, the cell doors were removed.

The prisoners then tried to set fire to mattresses to prevent the wardens getting in, but the officers used mattresses themselves as shields.

25 years ago

September 3, 1993

Occupants of five cars had lucky escapes when a building being demolished crashed down into a busy Newport road, bringing with it an 80-yard section of 20ft high scaffolding.

The incident happened in Church Litten where work was underway clearing the huge site for the new Marks and Spencer store. The cars were struck by the scaffolding.

10 years ago

September 5, 2008

A pair of youngsters accompanying a man who broke his arm after falling off his bike were commended by a senior coastguard for taking the right action in an emergency.

The casualty injured himself as he rode with his 13-year-old sister and a nine-year-old boy along High Down in the West Wight.

When he broke his arm on a rough track, his sister ran across the downs to Alum Bay to telephone the emergency services while the boy kept the casualty warm using a tent.