On Thursday, April 25, Strings venue hosted The Wight Noize 2024 finalists.

The competition included six acts aged 16-24, with the winning prize of opening the Main Stage at the Isle of Wight Festival this year. 

The Wight Noize competition is organised by Platform One, a boutique music college based on the Isle of Wight, annually. As well as offering performers the chance to play at the Isle of Wight Festival this year the college also offered all finalists a slot on the Platform One Stage over the festival weekend. 

Thursday’s event had an electric atmosphere with a large audience attending and enthusiastically supporting the local talent. Audience members were guided through the evening by a witty and entertaining host who introduced the acts and explained the rules of the competition. The acts were all extremely talented, passionate, and a pleasure to watch.

The Wight Noize 2024 winner was announced at the finalist event. Marnie Marie, a musician who has attended Platform One since she was 13 years old, was awarded the winning place at the end of the event. She described winning as: “A dream come true.”

When talking about the opportunity to perform at the Isle of Wight Festival Marnie Marie explained: “It feels amazing and an honour to get the chance to play my music on such an iconic festival stage and venue”. 

Marnie Marie performed a number of original songs for her 20 minute slot in the competition.

Robyn, an audience member, said: “She had a brilliant stage presence and wonderful voice.”

Commenting on the overall experience Marnie Marie remarked: “The competition process was a bit hard, but a fun and enjoyable experience. Being able, as Platform One students, to get this opportunity is fantastic and we are all grateful for the support and encouragement we get from our tutors.”

The Wight Noize competition offers young performers great opportunities. Finalists were judged by an esteemed panel of judges full of music industry professionals and received opportunities to perform in front of large audiences both on the Isle of Wight Festival’s Main Stage and the popular Platform One Stage. 

Audience member Rhianna when asked about the Platform One stage said: “It’s one of my favourite stages [at the Isle of Wight Festival].”

The Wight Noize finalists competition was a delight to attend and a beautiful display of local young talent being given incredible opportunities. I very much look forward to attending next year.