100 years ago

November 30, 1918

A POST-war general election took place and all the omens pointed to the certainty of a great victory for the Island Coalition candidate, Captain Douglas Hall.

Captain Hall was fully recognised by the leaders of the government due to the fact he had done valuable naval, military and munition work from the very first days of the war.

The County Press reported he had worked tirelessly for the Island.


Several Island men were released from Turkish prisons.

Nine prisoners of war from the Hampshire Regiment travelled home to the Island.

It was reported that they were in good health and spirits.

75 years ago

December 4, 1943

When making the journey to Southampton, a motor barge owner by the Vectis Shipping Company was involved in a collision in the Solent and sank in deep water.

The barge, named The Gazelle, was about 50 tons and one of the oldest barges trading between the Island and the mainland.

It was carrying 20 tons of potatoes, five tons of beef and 11 tons of veg.


An Island man oversaw the clearing of mines from mountains in Italy.

Cpl Raymond J. Phillips, of Cowes, described the process: “We’re working in mist, mud and driving rain, looking for mines, which contain enough explosives to blow a jeep sky-high.”

He said the men he worked with were as nonchalant as if they were looking for ground nuts.

50 years ago

November 23, 1968

The first Benedictine nunnery in India was founded by the nuns of St Cecilia’s Abbey, Ryde.

The £23,000 building was completed ready for the seven young Indian girls to return home having received their training in Ryde.

Work had begun on the scheme five years previously and the money had come from appeals and donations, including the Vatican.


‘Born 1880 and still going strong’ — The County Press featured an 88 year old who was still most commonly seen on his motorcycle.

George Buckett, of Knighton, had bought his first motorcycle at aged 26 and continued to ride 62 years later.

He said on his first trip, he rode 160 miles on a tour of Devon and never wanted to stop.

25 years ago

November 26, 1993

A worried Island mum mounted a campaign to persuade parents to boycott school transport until coaches were fitted with seatbelts.

Lynn Williams, a Ryde mum of two, said her two sons would not to go on school trips until something was done and she urged Island parents to do the same.


The IW Rural Community Council warned village life would be under threat if the Government imposed VAT on transport.

There were concerns the taxes would result in many being left without vital lifts and unable to afford the hike in bus prices.

Additional concerns were put forward regarding ferry prices.

10 years ago

November 28, 2008

In a surprise development, major wind farms were all but banned from the Island.

The Island Plan set out strict new criteria for any such development and ruled them out on beauty spots and the 11 places that were potential sites were immediately dropped.


More than 120 Woolworth’s staff at five different Island stores anxiously waited news about the future of their jobs.

Commonly referred to as ‘Woolies’, Woolworths had stores in Newport, Ryde, Cowes, Sandown and Shanklin.

The uncertainty came after the national company announced it could go into administration.