100 years ago - February 8, 1919

RYDE teachers who had previously resigned in a battle over pay with the education committee withdrew their resignations.

The group of 22 teachers agreed to stay as the NUT representative and the committee agreed terms.

The chairman of the committee said he was pleased to see the end of the unpleasant affair.


An epidemic of unauthorised strikes caused inconvenience across the country and IW mail and rail services were left disrupted.

The CP wrote: “It is clearly the duty of every patriotic citizen to support the government in the firm attitude they have taken up in the matter.”

75 years ago - February 5, 1944

There was an tragic incident during Home Guard training.

A live round of ammunition was put in the same box with dummy bullets for a Browning machine-gun session.

When the gun was discharged, one man was killed and another seriously injured.


The 100th birthday of St Paul’s Church, Barton, Newport, was celebrated with several special services and social gatherings.

The Bishop of Portsmouth spoke of the church’s history while the mayor and local residents remembered the parish members they had lost in the war.

50 years ago - February 8, 1969

Plans were presented to unify the IW and southern England tourism industries to meet the rapid changes in tourism.

Mr R. Derry said IW holiday workers had tremendous good will and prestige and the pairing would merge the IW’s unique assets with mainland holidaymakers’ resources.


Unexpected heavy snow created difficulties for Islanders.

Roads became ice-bound and bus services were suspended through Ventnor, Bonchurch and the south coast of the IW.

In Bath Road, Upper Ventnor, an electric milk delivery float slid backwards down the steep slope and overturned several times.

25 years ago - February 11, 1994

The IW’s economy received a welcome boost when the Rural Development Commission approved a £1 million package of grant aid.

The money was set to help social, economic and community projects, including two tourism campaigns and the setting up of an Island Export Centre.


A Gurnard couple, who were teenage sweethearts but married in 1993 after being apart for nearly 60 years, were in line to be named as Britain’s most romantic couple.

Tony and Mary Moulding were featured on BBC’s Good Morning as part of the show’s competition.

They had dated for four years in the 1940s before splitting, both marrying, and then meeting again.

Ten years ago - February 6, 2009

Youth clubs on the Island feared they would face the axe under a sweeping review of youth services.

Both rural and town clubs risked having to shut their doors if the council cuts went ahead.

Youngsters in Niton said they would be marooned in their villages with nothing to do if this happened.


Mystery surrounded the identity of a low-flying plane, which was seen and heard over the Island on numerous occasions.

The plane was reported flying above towns across the IW, but no Island airports, nor Bournemouth or Southampton, or any emergency service or military group claimed responsibility.