100 years ago - March 8 1919

At the IW Court, a soldier from Arreton, was charged with wife desertion.

Pte Harry Barnett had left for Canada two years previously, promising to return with money and a home set up for their family.

He did not return and the payments stopped for her and their children’s upkeep. The court made a separation order and fined him.


Newport residents proposed there should be a war memorial.

The group said there was a growing feeling Newport should have a memorial of its own to commemorate the sacrifices made by the sons of the town.

Those at the meeting decided a memorial hall or a cottage hospital would be an appropriate marker.

75 years ago - March 4 1944

The world seemed small when two Island brothers crossed paths in the Middle East.

Sgt E. Hailes had been abroad for three years when his brother, Pte L. Hailes, was sent out there.

While on duty, Sgt Hailes visited a camp and to his surprise, his younger brother was there.


There was opposition to the re-election of the IW council’s chairman, Sir Godfrey Baring, for the 46th year.

Some were against the principle of his repeated re-election.

Mr A J Harman, who voted against him, said he would hold the same view if the chairman was an angel from heaven.

50 years ago - March 8 1969

A party of 18 displaced children arrived on the Island from Germany.

The children waved excitedly from the deck of the ferry as it berthed at Ryde Pier Head.

They stayed with foster families and were brought from Germany by the IW Committee of International Help for Children.


An IW man, who left Ryde at the age of 12 to live in Canada, revisited the town and reunited with his family after 59 years.

Mr S. Corney met a brother and sister who were babies when he last saw them and visited his old school in Oakfield.

25 years ago - March 10 1994

The opening of Newport’s Marks and Spencer’s was nearly marred by tragedy when an electronic gate came off its runners and narrowly missed crushing a man.

A full investigation was launched to discover the cause of the accident.

The 25-year-old man, who was working at the time, miraculously escaped serious injury when the gate fell backwards and clipped his leg.


Outraged Brighstone residents tried to ban the IW Hunt from the village after about 20 hounds left a trail of damage when they ran amok through gardens.

Villagers watched in terror as the pack rampaged across their properties.

Cllr Jill Wareham said the incident was a disgrace and that there was no way the village could go through that again.

10 years ago - March 6 2009

A family was left stunned after being quoted a jaw-dropping £1,112.50 for a return ferry trip to the mainland.

Penny and Derek Caffyn thought they must have made a mistake when Wightlink’s quoted the four-figure sum for a return trip for a car, small trailer and three adults.


A sizeable hole was left in the roof of The Old Comical pub in Sandown after a fire.

Fire crews from Sandown, Shanklin and Newport attended the blaze, which started in the chimney flue.