From Molly Atrrill, Niton:

The shameful Brexit chaos would not have happened if the Leavers had actually had a plan at the outset, but after narrowly winning the 2016 referendum any rational debate was drowned out by their raucous cries of betrayal. Those who voted to Remain  have constantly been accused of not accepting the result, of thwarting the ‘will of the people’ , of being traitors and enemies of the people. The leaders of the Brexit ‘True Believers’ have not grown in stature but in fact daily become more ludicrous.

Mark Francois, with crimson face, splutters rabble-rousing nonsense about the Second World War. Jacob Rees-Mogg, despite his expensive suits and impeccable manners, has revealed his appalling right-wing views. Boris Johnson, blinkered by his overarching sense of entitlement, busies himself with his own personal ambitions. While Nigel Farage slyly circles, masquerading as a man of the people.

I despair that the diminishing number of decent middle-ground Conservative MPs are vilified and likely to be overthrown by their own grass-roots membership. Even our own Bob Seely, a dyed-in-the-wool Tory who voted to Leave, is apparently insufficiently hard line for some Islanders.

This would all be laughable if it were not so dangerous.

On winning the referendum, the onus was on the Leave side to reconcile the 48 per cent and deliver their promised Shangri-La for the whole country.  But none of this happened — why not?

The obvious explanation is that their original project was never viable, never deliverable, so instead they turned early to the blame game making it impossible for sensible dialogue and resolution.

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