From Henry Barrington-White, Freshwater:
We should take the European elections seriously.
With the extension of Brexit to October it is more likely than not we will be having elections in May for the European Parliament. 
For some it may seem unnecessary due to the fact we will be potentially be leaving the EU. 
However, voting in these elections is more important than ever, whether your view is Remain, Leave or Indifferent. 
As it has been shown, the online petitions, although gathering millions of votes have largely been ignored by Parliament.
Therefore, the only way to show the people’s voice seems to be at the voting booth. 
If you want to show support for Brexit by voting either UKIP/Brexit party, want to support Remain by voting Liberal Democrats or support the Labour or Conservative party stance this is probably the best time. 
The most important part being is if we still remain in the EU over the summer these people will be voting on the laws which will be in the UK’s favour until we leave, meaning we still can benefit the country in this way.
I probably care a little bit more about European elections as it was the first time I ever got to vote in the UK when I was old enough, so it holds a special memory for me. 
So I suggest people use this democratic opportunity to go out and vote to make your views known.

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