From Mrs A Harrison, Bembridge:

I WOULD like to express my dismay and disbelief of the visiting cyclists who were on the road from Bembridge on Sunday.  

How dare they think that they can take over the road and even try to overtake cars in the middle of the road.

Where were the marshals? Have the cyclists ever heard of the Highway Code?  

I appreciate the Island needs the tourists’ money to survive but why do the long-suffering residents (we already have to give extra time to reach our appointments) have to put up with such blatant disregard for safety (for them and us) downright bad manners and chaotic behaviour?  

Surely some stricter rules should be made and given out to all competitors at the start.  

My final question: Why choose Bembridge? They were only passing through and were of no benefit to our small quiet country village. Organisers please take note.