From Alison Pritchard, Porchfield:

The decision to burn a chest of drawers along with other rubbish in St Mary’s Church graveyard as reported (CP, 17-05-19) should not be criticised just for being disrespectful, but also for harming the environment and health of those living and breathing the toxic fumes produced by burning any type of wood or rubbish in the open air.

There has been more than enough recent publicity for everyone to be fully aware of the poor quality of the air which we are all breathing and anyone selfishly lighting a bonfire, clearly has no consideration for either the environment or other people.

The report ends by saying the chest of drawers was eventually taken to Lynnbottom Tip. That is where the garden waste and all the other rubbish should have been taken, so it may be properly processed and disposed of.

As for the often used argument that running a vehicle to the tip causes just as much harm to the environment, no, it does not. Vehicle exhausts are filtered whereas bonfire smoke with its high level of particulate pollution and cancer causing dioxins goes straight into the atmosphere.

Better still, the IW Council has a collection service for garden waste. It is not free, but what price would anyone put on their health and that of their children?