From Leon Guzenda, Rio Vista, California:

The letter from Tanja Katarina Rebel  touting the supposed dangers of 5G cellular radio technology is rebroadcasting disinformation spread online by the Russian government channel RT.

They have been waging an all-out propaganda war to scare other countries into slowing down the deployment of 5G technology. Thousands of websites have amplified their reach.

Here’s a scientific fact the writer obviously doesn’t understand: The higher the radio frequency, the lower its ability to penetrate human skin, significantly lowering risks to the body’s internal organs and the brain.

The risks to other communications systems were extensively studied before licences were granted by the US Federal Communications Commission and similar agencies worldwide.

Ms Rebel recommends using fibre-optic cable technology instead of 5G. That is pure nonsense. It won’t work in your car. It won’t work on your cellphone. It won’t allow medical monitoring devices to alert your physician if there are warning signals of a heart or other problem while you’re walking on the beach or the downs.

None of the claims the Russians are making have any grounding in fact.

Their sole goal is to try to prevent other countries from gaining a competitive edge by deploying a technology the Russians are lagging in.