From Sam Turner, Sandown:

‘Fixed link lessons to be learned’, so says Carl Feeney of Pro-Link,

And do you know, after over 100 years of Islanders saying no to a fixed link, it just might happen.

And, do you know why? Because we now live in an undemocratic society — yes, we the British, who gave this planet democracy, now no longer believe in it or abide by it. And, who can we thank for that? One Theresa May and this current Parliament. What I am saying is: if there were to be an Island-wide referendum tomorrow and Islanders voted for the umpteenth time NO to a fixed link, it could still happen.

Why? Well, look no further than the EU referendum where this nation voted OUT. But did it happen? No! Democracy was ignored by our so-called leaders and three years later we are still in and paying our billions into this private club in Brussels.

Our service structure is completely run down. Local councils cannot cope financially and nationally our health and education services are gasping to survive. There was a time when Britain led the world with its infrastructure, but then along came the EU with its ‘level field’ philosophy — in other words to the lowest common denominator — to countries like Greece, Ireland and Portugal, etc, countries that have had to be bailed out to keep them financially solvent. So, hundreds of years of growth in Britain have come to nothing in one fell swoop. People have been shouting: “ah, but a joined at the hip EU will prevent wars!” Yes, may be, but to be replaced by what? Europe-wide terrorism with the EU’s open-immigration policy?

I don’t think Mr Feeney has been on the Island long enough to remember, or know, that 20 or so years ago Hampshire Police forecast increased crime on the Island should a fixed link ever come to fruition.

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