From Donna Brihmani, Rookley:

Frederick Mew’s letter highlighted the ‘good and poor’ performances at this year’s IW County Show.

Giving the benefit of the doubt, perhaps Mr Mew forgot to mention his previous experience as a military musician?

Of course, he would remember clearly that to reach the level of performance demonstrated by the Household Cavalry, one would begin one’s career as ‘a two-foot-high kid, trying to play the cymbals’.

I’m sure he also forgot to mention the hours and hours of practice and dedication he showed to his training ensembles and bands from such a young age in readiness for taking up his career in such a wonderfully well paid and creditable position?

I wonder when Mr Mew last took part, rehearsed, practised and prepared for such a performance? Perhaps it was a while ago so we will forgive his forgetfulness.

As somebody who works with and admires young musicians, I would like to applaud the Wight Diamonds Military Band who performed a set prior to the Household Cavalry.

Especially the ‘two-foot-high kid’, who is, in fact, eight years old and was taking part in his first public engagement. What an equally nerve-wracking/exhilarating experience!

Let’s hope we can continue to train and encourage young musicians to become fine performers such as the Household Calvary, despite Mr Mew’s forgetfulness of where it all begins.

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