From Nick Stuart, chair, IW Liberal Democrats, Brighstone:

Too many people are rude about politicians with little knowledge of the effort and money many put into trying to serve their community.

However, you have to point out how some will use any trick to get elected.

In the recent Whippingham and Osborne by-election, Liberal Democrats cemented their position as the major Island opposition with another second place but we were unable to persuade enough people to vote and in a low turnout the Conservative was elected by less than nine per cent of the electorate.

During the campaign, Julie Burridge, the Liberal Democrat candidate, and her team spoke to many people and focused on the development at Crossways, another soulless housing estate.

The Conservative leaflets also latched onto this issue with glossy pictures of their candidate with the council leader and then with the MP.

Now we hear that the development will go ahead with a neighbouring Independent councillor protesting but with no sight of the new councillor or the Conservative-controlled council.

However, with the fastest growing party on the Island and a growing vote share, the new Lib Dem team can offer our neighbours and friends hope of a competent and open council in the future.

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