From Noreen Charles, Ryde:

Re THE article (CP, 05-07-19). I can’t understand how someone on the council could think Ryde did not need a town crier.

Ryde needs all the help and publicity it can get

What on earth possessed someone to sack the town crier, a volunteer and a colourful character loved by tourists .

On the High Street children were delighted when he cried out his loud ‘Oyez, Oyez’ and the tourists were keen to take photographs with him.

Just think of the publicity — photographs of Ryde winging their way round the world and the happy memories of the IW they take with them.

How can one sack a volunteer? They are like gold dust and should never be allowed to slip through the fingers as they are an asset to the community.

Crier Steve King livened up Ryde High Street and he is missed, so he will be another town’s gain and Ryde’s loss. Perhaps the Visit IW could do with some free publicity.