From Isaac Farnbank, Niton:

I FEAR John Baldry’s letter is misinformed, inaccurate and erroneous in its analysis of Boris Johnson MP, the government’s economic policy and our own Island MP, Bob Seely.

Firstly, Mr Baldry brands austerity ‘a devious political policy’. Aside from austerity being an economic necessity and policy, the word ‘devious’ is distasteful.

As ever, the opponents of austerity seem to have conveniently forgotten why austerity became necessary. In 2008, one of the worst financial crises plagued the world. Gordon Brown’s reaction was to apply Keynesian theory by boosting spending and running a deficit, believing economic expansion would resume.

Now, if a nation has the largest peacetime deficit for years, it cannot be swept under the carpet. Otherwise, the whole nation will fatally trip.

Therefore, in order to avoid damaging massive taxation increases, in order to avoid a depression, the Conservatives were obliged to cut overall government expenditure as well as maintain tight control over expenditure expansion.

As for his serious accusation of Mr Johnson being a ‘serial liar’, such a crude, rash statement cannot simply be freely espoused, devoid of any sensible, accurate, relevant evidence.

Boris offers a reinvigoration of original, radical, ambitious free market economics that will unlock great potential in this country for business and, subsequently, boost employment, widen opportunity, generate the wealth for better public services, and transform areas of deprivation that  hitherto been ignored. If one is looking for a serial liar, look no further than the Labour Party. It has 37 unfunded pledges — now that truly beggars belief.

Finally, income taxes were mentioned. Cuts in direct taxation boost the disposable incomes of all recipients of such cuts in taxation. If people are more financially secure, risk taking is likely to increase, meaning greater enterprise, creating jobs and opportunity for everyone.

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