From Carly Wyre, Freshwater:

I AM interested to hear Mr Cowley’s alternative proposal regarding the West Wight Schools Consultation (CP letters, 26-07-19), one that actually keeps the cohort of children at All Saints together.

Oh wait! Clearly he doesn’t care about those children, just the ones who attend Yarmouth, as he wants the All Saints’ children dispersed across the other four schools, none of which are within reasonable, or safe, walking distance — he doesn’t seem to deem this disruptive to their education though.

The most logical decision has been made. This proposal keeps all children of both cohorts together, enabling peer support through the transition.

It enables the ‘good’ leadership of the federation to grow within a modernised school building; a benefit to all the children of West Wight, now and in the future.

It keeps a school where the majority of children live, on the biggest site, which offers more opportunity for outdoor learning and environmentally friendly opportunities.

This is an exciting opportunity for two communities and school families to work together and create an outstanding learning environment.

The survey was qualitative, not quantitative, like the first one, otherwise ‘do nothing’ would have been the proposal as 202 responses during the first consultation gave that as its preferred option. However, it has been clear since February ‘do nothing’ was not an option. This proposal financially secures the future of the federation, as it will receive more money once the All Saints’ cohort join — potentially enough for a headteacher per site — as well as additional resources and learning support.

The All Saints site is also the only site with government funding to expand and improve.

I think it is time Mr Cowley stopped dividing the West Wight community with these continuous misleading press releases and started working collaboratively to make a positive difference to children and families.

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