THE weather warnings for the weekend will not stop Jack Up The Summer — organisers have pledged.

They said: "We've had a handful of people contact us to ask about the weather forecast.

"On a normal weather app or brief TV forecast the weather doesn't look great at certain times this weekend.

"However if you look a bit deeper you'll see where there was rain forecast there is now wind, and the wind is due to hit the West Coast of the country.

"We're receiving constant updates and it does seem to be improving.

"Additionally our new site is in a dip and offers a lot of natural protection.

"Our bars, stalls and catering units will all be open on Friday evening while you enjoy our Ultimate Ska Wars opening night party.

"We just wanted to reassure anyone with queries or concerns."

Jack Up the Summer kicks off tomorrow with the ska night, then takes place on Saturday with 80s acts, including Heaven 17 and Nick Heyward.

On Sunday it is a new 90s day, featuring Space, 911, Republica and East 17.

The new venue is at North Fairlee Farm, Newport.