From Roger Fordham, Newport:

I AM shocked and dismayed at the IW Council’s decision to close the Island mental health day centres.

What do they propose to do with the vulnerable people who attend these centres?

I, myself, attended Parklands at Cowes from 1994-2000 when I lived at a flat above what is now Ladbrokes bookmakers.

These centres helped me and I regained my confidence. I became chairman of the mental health service user group, under the guidance of the manager, Lodi Brand.

I brought together many vulnerable people who attended Parklands, Riboleau, Church View and Avenues.

I also had great support from Richard Priest, then the general manager of the Riverside Centre, who was able to get the then mental health minister of the Labour government to attend a large meeting at Riverside for views to be put forward.

I benefitted from my time at the centres and I have met some people who attend now and who are very worried as to how the proposed will affect them?

I strongly oppose the action being considered.

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