JACK Up the Summer has been postponed today (Saturday) due to the weather conditions.

After the opening time was delayed from 11am to 1pm earlier today, organisers have now said the site will not open until at least 4pm due to public safety concerns.

They posted on Facebook: "We are continuously monitoring the situation and taking advice from a number of professional bodies. It looks unlikely the site will be open before 4pm.

"As we’re sure you can appreciate these are extreme weather conditions which may blow through quickly or may not.

"As soon as it’s safe to open the site we will, however public safety remains our absolute priority at this time.

"Thank you for your patience and understanding."

Southern Vectis said there were delays to Routes 5 and 9 and people should not travel to the site, at North Fairlee Farm, Newport, as there was nowhere for them to go.

It posted on Twitter: "This event is suspended. The next review will be at 4pm.

"Organisers have asked people not to travel as there is nowhere for them to wait at the site.

"In view of this, we will not serve the event bus stop until further notice."

UPDATE 2pm: Organiser have posted the following update on Facebook: "We will continue to keep to you informed as frequently as we possibly can. The good news is the forecast looks fantastic for tomorrow, however we do very much hope to be in a position to permit everyone on site later today.

"After a successful night battling the unseasonable high winds at Jack Up The Summer, this morning brought about an unexpected shift to a southerly wind. Unfortunately this has meant the site is now bearing the full brunt of the gale force winds, causing issues with various catering and trader stalls, bringing down fencing, and has meant we have also had to strip the main stage until the weather blows through, allowing us to rebuild the stage.

"There is a contingency plan being worked on to host some of today’s bands within a smaller venue on site later today once the wind decreases enough to allow the smallest areas and marquees to reopen. We’ll continue to monitor the forecasts as they are updated during the afternoon, in conjunction with the recorded wind speeds on site (which have peaked at 58mph earlier today)."

Doctor and the Medics have said they will not be playing.

UPDATE 3.44pm: Jack Up the Summer will not go ahead today (Saturday), organisers have confirmed.

They posted on Facebook: "Our latest and final update today is regrettably, no matter how hard we’ve tried, the site is just too dangerous. So we’ve closed the site for today but will open tomorrow as planned when the sun is going to shine.

"If you just had Saturday tickets they will be valid for tomorrow as we are absolutely determined to Jack up the Summer... Thank you so much for your patience and understanding."

Further updates will be posted on the Jack Up Events Facebook page.

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