From Crusty Sandown resident (name supplied but withheld):

Failing to act on the speculators’ destruction of Sandown is not the only sin committed by our indolent authorities.

They have deliberately squeezed the life out of this once lovely resort. Absolute maximum extraction of revenue via council tax, parking charges etc, while neglecting normal facilities which most resorts are routinely given.

This shows in the lack of paint on the Esplanade lamp posts, railings and beach shelters, neglected Christmas decorations and bare metal poles along the front where pretty flower boxes used to hang (strangely still on Shanklin seafront and at Ventnor Park).

There are limited lifeguard services still lacking a motorised rescue boat and raking the beach has gone, as have safety buoys and speed limit buoys.

Please County Hall, take some notice of the above points.

Have a meeting on the seafront and see for yourselves what a mess we are in.