From Marion Draper, Bembridge:

Lord Adonis should be told to keep his nose out of other people’s business. Let us not forget it was he who instigated the white elephant that is HS2.

Too many egotists in Parliament are know-it-alls, eager to give their opinions based on very scant knowledge.

So his ferry was late – big deal!

How many journeys by train, plane, coach or bus are delayed every single day on the mainland? I do not know whether it was mechanical failure or adverse weather that delayed the ferry but things happen and this hardly justifies declaring the ferry service is “crap”.

If we had a bridge, let him consider that in high winds it would almost certainly have to close. Furthermore, without the limiting factor of having to take a ferry, the traffic would be bound to increase greatly and he could then be stuck in a queue of vehicles (perhaps mid-channel) going nowhere because there are limits to how many can be accommodated on IW roads.

A fixed rail link could be helpful but since we have been unable to get any funding to update our ancient tube line, I think that would have to wait.