BACK and Forth, a new film by artist and filmmaker Dmitri Galitzine, exploring what it means to live on an Island, will be screened on the Isle of Wight.

Commissioned by arts organisation Lift the Lid on Island Culture, the film is about a town, an island and a ferry.

It explores how the identity of the Island is inseparable from the body of water that surrounds it. At the heart of this project are questions of boundary and passage, and to what extent ‘island-ness’ can inform the identity of a place and its people.

An insurmountable sea denies Islanders freedoms of movement, and within the marriage of island and sea is the ferry. The film explores a symbiosis — on the one hand, the ferry is a loyal steed, on the other an authoritarian force.

Some Islanders want a tunnel — but would such a link negate invalidate their status as Islanders?

At the very core of this film is the internal struggle the writer faces with this perceived contradiction of living on the Isle of Wight.

Back and Forth will be screened at the Allan Marsh Studio, Bridge Road, East Cowes, from Friday until October 5, Wednesday to Saturday.

Four daily screenings will begin on the hour, starting at 2pm.

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