ISLAND MP Bob Seely has called for the Isle of Wight Council to change how it manages its banks and verges at a meeting with environmental groups.

The MP, on August 22, met with groups such as the Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Partnership, the Isle of Wight Association of Local Councils, Island Roads, the Isle of Wight Council and UK Charity; Plantlife.

During the meeting Mr Seely called on the council to manage the Island's many banks and verges in a way that doesn't impact on flora and fauna.

Mr Seely Said: ". Verges act as mini-meadows providing vital wildlife corridors between towns and villages. In the past, verges have been cut in a way that kills wildflowers during flowering season and replaces them with thick grass that needs more cutting.

“It’s really important that we protect our beautiful wildflowers on the Island. Not only do they enhance the beauty of our Island, but they also provide a vital habitat for wildlife.

“Less frequent cutting will improve the beauty of Island verges for residents and visitors, encourage pollinators and improve biodiversity.”

Area of outsanding Natural Beauty Partnership Lead Officer, Richard Grogan, said: “The management of our road verges as wildlife corridors highlights a very visible way local parishes, the local authority and concerned organisations and individuals can work together to maintain our grassland verges for wildflowers, pollinators and small mammals as well as provide safe and colourful roadsides for residents and tourists to enjoy”.