A SHOPLIFTER who stole £101 worth of beauty products from Boots to fund his drug habit has been ordered to pay back the full amount.

Jamie Matlock, 38, Hope Mead, Sandown, appeared at the Isle of Wight Magistrates' Court on August 30, where he pleaded guilty to one count of theft.

The court heard he had walked into Boots, in Sandown High Street, on July 11, and picked up cosmetics and beauty products.

He was caught on CCTV walking out of the shop with the stolen goods in his hand.

The court heard Matlock struggled with drug dependency, although he had been making progress with a drug rehabilitation programme.

Liz Miller, defending, said it was 'a classic situation' of someone who is stealing to fund their habit.

She said: "He says he doesn't remember doing it. All he knows is that he was spotted on CCTV, then he gets a summons in the post telling him what he has done.

"He knows it is imperative he keeps on with his rehabilitation programme and keeps himself off drugs."

Presiding magistrate Stephen Howe said: "Its such a shame because you obviously have the power to do it, but you've been on drugs for a long time now and this is the time to be getting off them."

Matlock was given a 12-month community order, including 25 rehabilitation days.

He was ordered to pay back the £101 to Boots.