SCARED of things that go bump in the night? Blackgang Chine is hosting a new family Halloween event this year ­— Frights and Sprites.

Not sprites, the soda drink ­— sprites the supernatural entities.

Spooky, scary sprites, and an awful lot of frights.

In this new production, the ghouls are getting ready for Lady Edwina’s Spooktacular of the year.

Rumpus Mansion’s ghostly characters will be causing mischief with their interactive performance, Rumpus Mansion live, this October.

Take a tour around the mansion to meet the servants readying the halls for their many guests, find Mrs Berry making a mess in the kitchen, and the scatterbrained Gracey, dusting the vestibules.

Mind that you don’t bother Franklin for too long, though, or you’ll be gravely sorry.

Keep your eyes peeled for pesky gremlins because they're up to no good ­— spot them all and solve the anagram to enter the daily prize draw.

Visitors can enjoy an array of spooky activities, including hook a skull, hoopla, tin can alley, wiggle cars, fancy dress-up and the Halloween crafting zone.

Transform into a wolf, a witch or a bloodsucking vampire with the team's face painting stand, and show off your best moves at with the spooky disco.

There will be a competition for the best dressed, with fantastic prizes to give away.

Frights and Sprites will run at Blackgang Chine from October 19 to 27, from 12pm to 4pm.