A GROUP is hoping to establish a co-housing scheme on the Isle of Wight.

Its aim is to build about 20 affordable and various sized dwellings, each with their own front door and private space, to accommodate different sized households with a variety of age profiles.

While living in individual homes, there will be some shared facilities such as a large common house with space to eat together occasionally, and a shared green space.

Member of the newly-formed group Island CoHousing, Sue Bailey, said: “Our project aims have a proactive approach to promoting a sense of community by building in spaces and events where you are likely to interact with neighbours.”

It would appeal to people who would like to have others looking out for them, or would like others to share the gardening with, and enjoy an occasional meal with neighbours.

The group plans to create a cohousing neighbourhood with people who want to share some aspects of their lives while retaining individual private living spaces.

The group is holding an open event at Monkton Arts and Lounge Coffee Bar, East St, Ryde, on Wednesday, from 5.30pm to 7pm.

Sue said: "The concept of cohousing is new to many people, so this will be a great opportunity to find out more and meet some of the people involved.”

The project has received a £10,000 grant from the Isle of Wight Council’s community led housing grants to do a feasibility study on potential sites and help the group set up its legal structure.

The website cohousing.wight.org.uk has information about the ideas behind the project and links to other similar schemes around the country.

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