A RYDE man who was chased through Ryde by police officers, kicked out at them and spat blood and saliva in one officer's face.

Sean Donovan, 22, of George Street, Ryde, was jailed at the Isle of Wight Crown Court on Friday (October 4).

He admitted four counts of assault on an emergency worker and one count of threatening words and behaviour on August 26.

Prosecutor Rose Burns said: "Donovan was walking along Ryde Esplanade with his girlfriend when a car pulled up with a man inside who had attacked him earlier that day.

"Donovan began shouting at the car and ran up to it. As he did, the man got out and proceeded to chase Donovan around the car with an iron bar.

"The defendant broke a bottle over the car and so the other man drove off, but the police had already been called."

As the police approached Donovan he began swearing at them and headed towards Apley Rise, starting a chase that saw up to six officers in pursuit.

The police, with a police dog, caught up with Donovan in an alleyway, where they restrained him.

He verbally abused them, began violently kicking out, and ended up striking multiple officers who continued trying to restrain his legs and arms.

Donovan yelled at police as he was loaded into the police van: "You are going to need more than six of you."

He then spat blood and saliva in the face of one officer, who had to undergo treatment in hospital for possible infections.

Donovan's defence, Oscar Vincent, said: "It is true to say Donovan presents as a very vulnerable individual.

"He has a number of difficulties associated with social skills and he had been doing well in engaging with the community before this incident.

"The men in that car had attacked Donovan earlier in the day, and he still doesn't understand why he was attacked by them.

"When he saw them later on in the day he understandably was quite upset.

"When the police arrived he thought they used far more force than they needed to, which contributed to his perception at the time that he was being mistreated."

Judge Ian Hughes gave Donovan a ten-week custodial sentence, taking into consideration that he had already served five weeks on remand.

He will also be subject to a two-month curfew on release from 6pm until 6am, and was ordered to pay a £128 surcharge.