THE Green Party voted to legalise drugs, introduce free bus travel for all and abolish the Home Office at its party conference, held in Newport, Wales, over the weekend and attended by members from the Isle of Wight.

Members agreed to campaign for a Sustainable Economy Act, to protect all species and biodiversity, and pledged to put a Green New Deal at the heart of a future government.

One of the speakers was naturalist and broadcaster Steve Backshall, who said he had left Labour and joined the Green Party as 'voting for the Greens has an incredible power. It makes sense.'

Isle of Wight prospective parliamentary candidate, Vix Lowthion, spoke at a meeting with Dr Mary Bousted, of the National Education Union, about 'toxic testing' in schools. She said: "Children are doing formal tests in every year, bar two, in their primary education. But they don't inform teachers, they don't benefit pupils, they only exist to hold schools to account.

"This toxic testing culture epitomises the fact that this government has lost its way when it comes to testing — a toxic slime which is choking our children and leading to pressure, negativity and anxious young people."

Members overwhelmingly voted to support entering discussions with other parties to form potential electoral alliances, ahead of an anticipated General Election.

Ms Lowthion said: "A coming election is inevitable, but the result is wide open.

"Parties must show they can work together — putting country above party — to do the best for future of our planet and our nation.

"The Isle of Wight Green Party is committed to working in partnerships and has exciting plans for our next election campaign."

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