More than 24 activists from the Isle of Wight Extinction Rebellion group have joined tens of thousands of protesters on the streets of London.

They are seeking to raise awareness of the climate and ecological crisis and protest for faster action following the government’s declaration of a climate emergency.

Local activist Hollie Fallick is helping in the designated family area on the Mall, which is providing a space for families to join in the fortnight-long protest.

She said: "People are sick and tired of the government’s complacency.

"The world is burning and people are already dying as a result of climate change, while the greed of the west continues to feed this fire.

"The protests here in London are our way of saying enough is enough, action must be taken, not only by the government but by institutions such as the BBC and big businesses.

"The time is now."

Isle of Wight Extinction Rebellion is holding a solidarity event at Bar 74 on Union Street, Ryde, at 2pm on Saturday, October 12.

The event will include live streaming of the protests in London, talks from activists who have attended the first week, and live music.

Screen printing of the Extinction Rebellion logo will be available for people who would like to print on their own clothing or flags.

If you would like to meet with local protesters in London contact