CANCER patients on the Isle of Wight have ranked St Mary's treatment as outstanding in two areas — but below the national average in nine others.

In the National Patient Survey 2018, looking at cancer patients' experience in hospitals, designed to monitor national progress and drive local improvements, 187 Isle of Wight patients gave their feedback on the care they had received at St Mary's.

They gave the Isle of Wight NHS Trust an average score of 8.7 out of ten.

The trust was rated outstanding in two areas — patients were given the name of the clinical nurse specialist who would support them through their treatment and told about access to free prescriptions.

However, there were nine areas in which the trust fell below the national average — compared with only two in 2017.

They included patients being told about the side effects of treatment, their overall trust in the doctors who treated them — which was 15 per cent lower than the national average — and the nurses who looked after them.

The Isle of Wight NHS Trust has since said an action plan will be developed, led by the consultant lead cancer nurse.

The results follow the Care Quality Commission's findings that the medical care patients received was inadequate.

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