DRIVERS and dog walkers are being urged to take care at the Causeway, Freshwater — following the rescue of a resident swan that crashed into a bridge.

Local charity West Wight Pet Lifeline (WWPL) was called out after an Island Roads crew saw the swan try to fly across the bridge. It did not gain enough height, colliding with the bridge before tumbling into the road, where it was feared a passing car had run over its neck.

WWPL's Ted Burden said: "Thankfully — although a bit shaken — she had a miraculous escape and only sustained a couple of lacerations underneath her wing, which were attended to back at our triage unit.

"The swan was placed in an intensive care cage as a precaution, but rapidly regained her normal demeanour and tucked into food and water.

"After a check up the next day, she was deemed fit for release and taken back to the Causeway, where she was reunited with her mate."

Ted said the resident pair had been pushed to the other side of the bridge due to a territorial battle — following the arrival of two new pairs and another single swan.

He said: "This behaviour, while perfectly natural, can result in swans being pushed into conflict situations with road traffic and dog walkers.

"As a result, everyone is being asked to be a bit more careful as they pass through the area."

Anyone who sees a swan in distress can call WWPL on 717740.

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