THE former assistant manager at the Bugle Inn in Yarmouth has been awarded £13,000 following an employment tribunal — but has yet to see a penny.

Britta Aggar took the pub to a tribunal in Southampton in March 2019 and won her case for wrongful dismissal, unfair dismissal, failure to pay a statutory redundancy payment and failure to provide written particulars of employment.

She had been employed at the Bugle Inn for seven years and had been promoted to assistant manager, but was later made redundant and not offered a suitable alternative role.

She has yet to receive any of the money owed to her.

She resorted to enlisting an asset enforcement company to recover the money, which cost her £2,000, but the company found the Bugle's assets were registered to other companies and people and was unable to help.

She said: "To date, no money has been paid, even after employing enforcement officers.

"I have tried everything to obtain monies owed but everything is on the employers' side.

"This has caused me a lot of mental stress for 18 months after going through the tribunal.

"They have avoided paying what a court has ordered them to pay.

"It may be legal and legitimate but it does seem unethical."

Britta said Character Inns had barred her from all its pubs, which had alienated her from her friends and social gatherings.

She said: "I have launched my own taxi company and the ban makes it awkward for me to pick up customers.

"It has been very upsetting."

A spokesperson for Character Inns said: "Character Inns recognises the value and importance of all of its staff.

"Over the last ten years, we have been grateful to provide employment to hundreds of local people, the vast majority of whom have been hard-working, reliable and honest individuals, who have contributed enormously to making each of the Character pubs the great venues they are today.

"With regards to Miss Aggar, the company is using all legal avenues available to defend itself from these claims and will make no further comment."

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