A MAN who fell while getting out of the bath suffered a severe internal haemorrhage and died.

An inquest into the death of Mark Smoker, held at the Isle of Wight Coroner's Court on Tuesday, heard he fell at his home, at Monkton Street, Ryde, on April 11 last year.

The inquest heard paramedics were called to the 54-year-old's address, but they found nothing untoward and Mr Smoker was unable to remember anything about the fall.

The following morning, he was found dead by his landlord.

A post mortem revealed he had been bleeding internally. He had a large internal haematoma, or bruise, on his abdomen.

The inquest heard Mr Smoker had a damaged liver, due to years of heavy drinking, which contributed to the bleeding.

Isle of Wight Coroner Caroline Sumeray said: "Mr Smoker died as a result of traumatic haemorrhaging that he sustained when he fell while using the bath.

"The internal bleeding was made much more difficult to stop by the fact Mr Smoker had issues with alcohol over his lifetime.

"It is for these reasons that I am concluding this death was an accident."

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