WOULD you like to live in the childhood home of a famous film star?

The former Bembridge home of British actor David Niven, who starred in A Matter of Life, Around the World in 80 Days and the final Pink Panther films, has been put on the market for almost £1 million.

Rose Cottage is for sale with Hose Rhodes Dickson estate agents at £975,000 via OnTheMarket.

Niven’s mother, known as Lady Comyn-Platt after she remarried following Niven’s father’s death, certainly indulged her son and his older brother Henry — she had an extra wing of the house built to the rear of the main building where they could stay.

The Flory family has had the home for 36 years since Margaret Flory and her husband, from Hertfordshire, bought it a second home.

She said Niven’s mother may have been trying to get more sleep at night.

Margaret said: “David and his brother used to come in rather noisily at night and his mother got a bit cross so she built two bedrooms and a bathroom at the back and called it the ‘sin wing.'

“He loved being down there. The boys didn’t get on with their stepfather so it was good for them he didn’t join them there.

“David talked fondly of it and kept it until after the war.”

David Niven’s father, William Niven, was killed in the First World War fighting at Gallipoli in 1915. In 1917, his widow remarried to Sir Thomas Comyn-Platt, ‘Uncle Tommy’, with whom the Niven brothers had a difficult relationship.

In his autobiography, The Moon is a Balloon, Niven said: “It became necessary for the house in London to be sold and our permanent address was now as advertised — a cottage which had a reputation for unreliability.

“When the east wind blew, the front door got stuck and when the west wind blew, the back door could not be opened — only the combined weight of the family seemed to keep it anchored to the ground.

“I adored it and was happier there than I had ever been, especially because, with a rare flash of genius, my mother decided that during the holidays she would be alone with her children.

“Uncle Tommy was barred — I don’t know where he went, to the Carlton Club I suppose.”

The Grade II listed Regency property is painted light pink to go with its name and has five bedrooms, including the two in the ‘sin wing’ which is joined to the main house by a garden room with a large skylight installed by the current owner.

The cottage features wooden beams taken from the original Ryde Pier.

Of the home Niven once enjoyed, and which Margaret has taken care of for the best part of four decades, she said: “It’s been a much-loved house.

“David had it for years and he was a member of the Bembridge Sailing Club, where they have some of his letters.

“I just wonder whether people will remember him anymore as he was of an era.

“I think he was great, a very entertaining actor and a good writer.

“It’s a lovely house, it really is.”

Rebecca Busby, from estate agents Hose Rhodes Dickson’s country homes division, said: “This is a gorgeous house which has been cared for lovingly throughout the years.

"The Niven family were very well known locally and the connection with David is fascinating. Now is the time for a new chapter to be written in the history of this remarkable home.”