REPORTS of doorstep traders targeting older and vulnerable people on the Isle of Wight have prompted Trading Standards to issue a warning.

A spokesperson said today (Monday): "Trading Standards are reminding residents to be on the look out for doorstep traders.

"While these seem to be more prevalent during the spring and summer months, we have been made aware there are traders currently on the Island and trying to take advantage of our older and more vulnerable residents.

"Please remember — never trade on the doorstep. Your home is your castle and you do not have to allow anyone into it.

"This can include traders trying to force you to get work carried out on your property such as roofing, gardening, drives, tree or hedge cutting, but also callers who are trying to sign you up to cheaper energy deals.

"If you think you need work doing on your property, get quotes from reliable traders either by recommendations from friends and family or from the Isle of Wight Council Trader Approval Scheme."

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