A DRUG dealer addicted to crack cocaine ended up in court after dumping a JD Sports bag filled with £740 worth of cannabis.

Aaron Richard Hall, 27, of West Street, Ryde, was sentenced today (Monday) at the Isle of Wight Crown Court.

He had admitted one count of being concerned in the supply of cannabis at a previous hearing.

The court heard Hall was approached by police at a block of flats in Ryde, which he was known to frequent, on October 7.

Prosecutor Timothy Compton said: "Police went to the address to speak to Mr Hall. They had been searching for him, and found him in a corridor.

"They found a yellow JD Sports bag in the hallway he had come from, which had not been there when they searched the area previously.

"He initially denied ownership of the bag, but his phone was seized and messages were found showing he had been dealing in herbal cannabis.

"Police were also able to match his fingerprints with a print taken from a small wrap of foil found inside the bag."

Elizabeth Bussy-Jones, defending, said: "He had previously sold drugs as a way of maintaining his own addiction to crack cocaine.

"He has severe ADHD, which in his case is quite apparent, and he also suffers from tourette's and dyslexia.

"He has since told me that, while that night seems bad, it is the best thing that ever happened to him.

"In the past, he was forced to give his bank card to his old dealers, so they could take his benefits out of his account to pay for his habit. However, he is no longer using crack cocaine."

Judge David Melville sentenced Hall to a 12-month community order, including 25 rehabilitation activity days.

He was also ordered to pay a £75 surcharge.