WHICH bird lays a beautiful egg like this?

Answer: it was laid by Edna the emu, who lives at Nettlecombe Farm, Whitwell.

Fifteen-year-old Edna has lived at the farm nearly all her life and produces around 20 eggs each year during the laying season from December to May.

Jose Morris, from Nettlecombe, said, "Male emus actually do all the dirty work and sit on the eggs to hatch them and then look after the babies – so the females just swan around laying eggs and looking pretty, very unusual for birds as the females generally take that role.

"However, she does not have a partner so the eggs are not fertilised.

"She makes a booming sound that sounds like a drum."

Edna's eggs can be eaten and a couple of years ago they were being sold in Waitrose for £23.99 per egg.

Jose makes lovely intricate jewellery boxes from them and they are also used for lots of other crafts.

School visits to Nettlecombe Farm get to meet Edna and their other animals.

Any schools wanting to visit should get in touch with office manager Emma at enquiries@nettlecombefarm.co.uk

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