ISLE of Wight rockers, Mr Strange, are set to release a twelve-track LP later this week.

The alternative trio will release their sixth full-length studio album, Contact, on Friday ­— Valentine's Day ­— their first issue of all new material in more than three years.

A more traditional, rock-focused approach than their previous couple of releases, Contact features a dozen new songs centered around the theme of feeling like an alien trapped on a strange planet.

A spokesperson for the band, which consists of Anthony Strange on guitar, Damian Strange on drums, and Saul Strange on vocals, said: "We think people who are aware of the band and are familiar with our previous work will be quite surprised with the direction we've taken on this new record.

"We stripped everything back and rebuilt our sound with a totally different mindset, the result is a far more mature and accessible album.

"The only way we can describe Contact is as a mash-up of David Bowie and Queens of the Stone Age, alongside a healthy dose of our trademark weirdness.

"There's something on the record for nearly everyone. We hope that longtime fans will appreciate the hard work we've put in, and that it will appeal to folks who either aren't aware of our music or found our previous work too dark or heavy."

The band will play a series of independent festivals away from the Island this summer, and plan to put on some Island-based shows from late spring onwards.

Contact will be released on all major digital music platforms and streaming services from Friday, and can be purchased on CD via the band's website